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Services We Offer

While you have already done your research online, we've done research through installations and testing these products in our office.

Chicago Tech Living Room

Make Your Home Fun

Imagine getting ready for bed and saying "goodnight" to your phone. Doing so would turn off all the lights, stop any music, lower any shades, and automatically lock your doors. That's what we look to help you create.

  • Automatic Shades
  • LED Lighting
  • App-Enabled Thermostats
  • Wireless Sound Systems
  • TV Mounting

Make Your Home Network Reliable

Poor reception can kill that amazing moment while you're waiting for a video to load. The number of devices, range, signal strength, and more need to be taken into consideration when setting up a great network.

  • Distributed Networks
  • Servers
  • Multi-Device Routers

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