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Whether it’s automatic shades, Lutron lighting, or integrating your TV and audio system with Savant, we help.

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You want the best products, for the lowest price. That's what we research, stock, and then purchase for you at the same price you'll find in stores.


You could absolutely install these items yourself. It's just easier and faster for us because we have the tools and knowledge. Spend your weekend relaxing instead of a new project.


Save time searching YouTube explainer videos. Instead, we'll teach how to use your system when we program, and setup, the features you need.

"I never knew what to buy because I knew it would go out of date right away. [CS] was awesome at helping me create a plan so I could add new things over time."

Mark Busenitz | Chicago, IL

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We don't want "one big sale"

It felt like every other company who does home automation installation was focused on getting that multi-million dollar home to sign up. Which, makes sense, this stuff can get expensive. But what about everybody else?

We wanted to create a company for the people who want to live like millionaires. To focus on being "your guy" that helps you build your futuristic home one piece at a time.

More of the "Do-It-Yourself" type?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you know how my place is wired?

Yes. Our expert installers know exactly what to look for to ensure the system you want will work in your home.

Can you work with my budget?

Piece by piece. We will build your system together one piece at a time to make sure you only buy what you can afford.

Do I need to buy the products myself?

You do not need to. You can, but the prices of going through us will be the same as going through the store.

Can you install if I'm renting my place?

We can. Not everything needs to be mounted to a wall. We'll work with you to find the right solution for your home.

What happens when my stuff is out of date?

We'll help you find new ones. Our recycling program allows us to buy back your current items and give you credit towards a new one.

Can you work with my interior designer?

Yes, we absolutely can. Working with a designer we can create for the best layout for your room and plan for system growth.

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We're happy to help you start building a plan for your home, one piece at a time. No purchase required.

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